ProNet Safety Services can supply and install the D-Marc™ 105 Demarcation System which is designed to guide personnel across a roof top avoiding all fall / trip hazards.

The demarcation system is an economic solution to delineate a safe working zone on a roof top. The system is a non-penetrative, maintenance free, easy to install system designed to create a safe working / walkway zone across a roof top.

The demarcation system is installed a minimum of 2m from any hazards. The system is not a physical barrier and should not be used to guard a hazard but the multi-coloured chain directs the user away from the hazard.

System Components

D-Marc™ 05 Demarcation Barrier Components include:

  • Barrier Base – manufactured from recycled tyres complying with BS4790 for flammability, BS 1006 for UV stability and BS 7188 for slip resistance.
  • Barrier Upright – manufactured from 304 stainless steel to EN 1.4301.
  • Powder coated to enhance lifespan and provide a quality finish.
  • Chain
  • Connecting links

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