ProNet Safety Services Ltd can supply and install a wide range fall arrest Eyebolts. These are fixed to provide a single point anchorage and can be installed for use in aggressive external environments, internal locations such as office, industrial and commercial buildings, and can also be supplied with concealed access boxes for use in conjunction with raised access flooring.

All forms of Eyebolts must comply with the guidelines for safe reach limits as contained within BS 8213 Part 1: 1991 and can be easily installed into suitable load bearing elements of the building.

Kee Roofpoint® Fall Arrest Anchor Solutions by Kee Safety

ProNet can also supply and fit the Kee Roofpoint® range of EN 517 & EN 795 Class ‘A’2 and supports for Class ‘C’ roof anchor points which make maintenance work on roofs safer, quicker and more cost-effective.

The Kee Roofpoint® range comprises the Roofanka® (Slope) and Ridganka® (Ridge) product solutions which are ideally suited for new or retrofit installations. These systems have been independently tested by the NEL (National Engineering Laboratory) and conform to EN 795 or EN517 and CE approved to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Directive.


Roofanka® is a versatile, slope mounted fall arrest anchor, suitable for installation on most types of roof support and easily adjusted to limit the number of components. It combines a fall arrest anchor, ladder hook and crawling board clamp in the one product, allowing contractors to attach industrial safety lanyards, belts and harnesses and to secure roof ladders, crawling boards, work platforms etc.

Roofanka® is specially designed to be mounted on the slope of the roof, which enables the anchor to be fixed next to the access point. An alternative version enables horizontal, flexible safety lines to be fitted.


Ridganka® is a fall arrest anchor for installation on the ridge of a pitched roof. This ensures the safest anchorage position above the position of the contractor whilst providing access to both sides of the roof from the one anchor point. It is adjustable to fit a wide range of roof trusses and supplied in two different sizes.


ProNet’s eyebolts can be supplied in a variety of materials / types:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Nylon coated
  • Removable push locks

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