ProNet install Horizontal Cable Systems that use an 8mm diameter stainless steel cable. This provides excellent resistance to corrosion and wear whilst the flexibility of these systems allows them to flow smoothly around corners and deviations.

Bespoke SystemsTitle

ProNet can also design, supply and install bespoke traditional steel post type systems. These systems are typically used in non-roofing applications, on older buildings with deteriorating roof sheets that are not suitable for the use of standard systems, through tiled roofs or on bespoke type roofs such as copper and zinc.

We offer a full design, calculation and fabrication service that enables a solution to be found to the most problematic installations, whilst always ensuring that legislative requirements are adhered to.


Horizontal fall protection systems are typically affixed to:

  • Standing Seam and Composite Roofs
  • Membrane Roofs
  • Secret Fix and Built Up
  • Steelwork
  • Timber Deck, Concrete and Brickwork

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