ProNet now supplies and installs gas flue inspection hatches to help ensure companies remain compliant after the recent changes in Health and Safety legislation around existing gas central heating systems where the flue system is concealed within a void and cannot be visually inspected.

Whether it’s an existing property or new a construction project, ProNet can survey, offer advice and professionally install inspection hatches and systems that meet your exact requirements while ensuring they comply with local Building Regulations.

ProNet can supply a wide range of hatches that vary in size, shape and material while ensuring you get a solution that is both compliant and sympathetic to buildings existing décor.

Hatch Specifications

  • Inspection hatches should be at least 300mm x 300mm.
  • Positioned within 1.5m of any joint in the flue system.
  • Number required depends on the overall length of the flue.
  • Available in a range of materials and specifications to retain fire, smoke and noise ratings.
  • All hatches should comply with local Fire, Health and Safety, and Building Regulations

Health and Safety Guidance

The revised technical guidance requires inspection hatches to be fitted in properties where the flue is concealed within voids and cannot be inspected. The owner (or landlord etc.) has until 31st December 2012 to arrange for inspection hatches to be installed.

Any gas engineer working on affected systems after 1st January 2013 will advise the owner that the system is “at risk” (AR) in accordance with the GIUSP and, with the owner’s permission will turn off the gas supply to the boiler so it cannot be used.

Source: Health and Safety Executive.

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