ProNet provides a wide range of “permanent” safety systems and services to help protect construction and maintenance personnel while they are working at high levels. We are specialists in all major forms of permanent access and only install systems that comply with current health and safety legislation / standards for working at heights.

ProNet’s expertise and experience means that can we supply both manufactured systems or design and install custom-built Permanent Safety Systems that meet the individual requirements of your projects.


The following sections provide an overview of what products and services we can provide, please contact us if you have a particular problem or application that isn’t featured on our site.


ProNet can also provide a range of maintenance programmes and contracts to ensure that all permanent access systems and equipment are kept in a safe and useable condition. Periodic inspection and testing ensures that all systems and equipment conforms to the required level of regulatory standards – British and International.

Existing Systems and Equipment

ProNet can also maintain permanent access systems and equipment that were neither designed nor installed by us. ProNet will complete an inspection and survey of all existing systems and provide detailed reports on their condition and make recommendations on what steps are required to replace or repair – making them compliant with industry standards. ProNet can then setup a regular maintenance program to ensure all systems are kept fit for purpose.

ProNet is the Perfect Safety Solution

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