Platforms and Walkovers may be required to provide access between different levels, buildings, gaps in roofs or to bridge obstructions or cross an expanse of walls.

ProNet can also supply and install Platforms and Walkovers that are designed to meet the desired requirements of your project – a bespoke product.

Similar to our Ladder systems, these can be manufactured in a range of materials and are standards compliant.

Our Platforms and Walkovers can also be integrated and designed to be part of an overall safety solution. This enables them to be easily installed alongside ladder and fall arrest systems including our range of Evorail guardrail and Evowalk walkway systems.

System Properties

All our Platforms and Walkovers have similar benefits to our ladder systems:

  • Standards Compliant
  • Modular – allows easy installation and
  • Durable – Range of Materials and Coatings
  • Fabricated to meet your exact requirements
  • Can be fitted with Fall Arrest Systems
  • Security – can be designed with secure access in mind.

Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about our products or to discuss your own Platform and Walkover requirements.

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