ProNet supplies and installs industry recognised vertical fall protection systems from manufactures such as Söll.

Söll GlideLoc®

A Söll GlideLoc® ladder system can be permanently installed in many different environments such as buildings, towers and masts. The Söll GlideLoc® system offers permanent solutions for vertical climbing.

System accessories, such as entry and exit devices, roof ascent or shaft entry equipment, make it possible to design a system that is not only appropriate for the structure of the building or installation, but one that meets the highest safety requirements.

A key component of the GlideLoc® system is the patented new Söll comfort fall arrestor which provides the connection between the full-body harness worn by the worker and the guide rail.

This combination ensures complete safety during any descent or ascent, with or without leaning back. In the event of a fall, the comfort arrestor is designed with a stainless steel clamp that locks onto the rail arresting the users fall immediately.

The Söll GlideLoc fall protection and anchorage systems are used in a wide range of appliations including:

  • Radio and TV Masts
  • Construction and Crane Installations
  • Power, Wind Power and Hydroelectric Installations
  • Industrial Buildings and Chimneys
  • On-Shore and Off-Shore Oil Rigs
  • Shipbuilding
  • Hangars and Warehouses Used for Loading/Unloading of Various Vehicles
  • Shafts and Manholes

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